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Register Whatsapp with US IP Number


New Member
Feb 17, 2019
Many have been paying others for US Number for Whatsapp Verification. But in this Thread, I will share how you can Verify your Whatsapp with using an IP Number.


1. Any third party Whatsapp(GB,YO)

2. 2nd US Line App or any text App.


3. Working VPN

4. Good internet connection

Now, after installing the 3apps

Launch the vpn first and set your IP to United States and minimize after it as connected

Then launch your 2nd US line App and register with your email address and select a suitable number.

Then click on the 3lines on Top-left corner of the home page, you will see your number there, click on the number to copy it to clipboard. Then minimize it.

Go to your Whatsapp you just installed, launch and click on register. On the next page change the country(Nigeria) to United States. Then paste the number and click on next then OK to confirm the number. Now, the verification code won't be sent to the 2nd line app inbox because it's not allowed, so you have to wait for the Whatsapp Verification code count down to finish my then click on call me. The verification call will enter through the 2nd line app, so just accept the call and put it on speaker and write down the verification code And proceed to paste it in the Whatsapp. That's all.

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