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Cracked Power Your Mpulse Data Promo With Http Injector Config File By LTN

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Dec 15, 2016
Hello all LTN community at large. It is not new that we all have enjoy free browsing up to an extent on this community especially if you're a bonafide member of this join, you will surely understand.

So here we have been working on tunneling this plan unleashed by MTN quite some days now. Thou the first patch we made was capped at 30mb and that was off the plan because it doesn't require you to sub for the so called plan (mpulse data).

Now we have been receiving a lot of complain and mails from some members in here to see if there is a way to power this so called plan. And I am very glad to tell you guys that it was a successful one all thanks to LTN geeks.
And also special thanks to @hector

So this plan is one of the mouth watering one and you will all agree with me that this is a free paid plan on its own.

The Mpulse data plan comes in two variant which are;

1.5GB >> N150
300mb >> N50

How To Subscribe To This Plan?
✓Kindly dial *344# , choose the no 2 option and select one among the listan data plan as stated above.

Now comes the tunneling part. We actually won't release the ehi config file for Http Injector but at the same we will release.

In what essence if you ask?
Yes, we we have implemented a security measures on our tweaks to make it worthwhile and prevent blockage early than anticipated for.

So each LTN members will have their own and personal config file and it will be impossible to share it using each phone Hardware serial number...

The config file made for A can't work on phone just a bit similar to the security measure implemented on deamon Tunnel but this has to do with your phone Hardware serial number which can't be changed.
>>It works with mpulse data.

>>It works at 0.0k balance if you didn't sub for the mpusle data but capped at 30mb

How To Get My Own Serial Hardware Id.
✓Open your Http Injector.
✓Tap on the tripple wide row dot located above at the left side as illustrated in this screenshot below;
View attachment 1043

✓Then copy it and past it in the comments box.

✓Non established config file will be created for 7days only, while established members will have 14 days config file including a month config file which will be updated soon.
Wait for your config file to be sent to you via the comments box

Remember this is for the good of both you and I because I know of some lame to be called blogger to misuse this if this security measure ain't implemented.

Don't forget to hit the like button ()(-), share thid thread to those in need and also feedback if it is working perfectly for you.

Don't forget to join our telegram group and channel through the link below;
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Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!
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