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.ehi New HTTP Injector Settings For 9mobile Social Bundle To Power All Apps


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Dec 15, 2016
Xup everyone,

I really don't need much to say cause I am very busy:eek:, so without wasting so much of our time let's go straight to the point.

✓Get your 9mobile SIM

✓Subscribe to the plan *343*6*9# (N350)

✓And download this configuration file below;
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New settings for http injector to power social Pack.jpg

Remember for premium it is 2.2gb, since we made it available for all, we capped it to be 1.8GB

So enjoy

⚠Strictly not for rooted users
⚠WiFi block
✓Config file made available for 2 days

And moreover, premium members are not allowed to use this config file, yours has been updated on the notice board so check it out.

Will be updated when due.

And more importantly, update

More importantly, thread carefully when using this.

And you all could notice this is the best security measures ever, since we've unleash this tweaks no much speculation has been made on it since it is accessible by few and perhaps making it a 2 day config file is the least we can do to avoid past mistake.

For premium config and upgrade, check this thread out;
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Dont forget to hit the like button and feedback if is working for you perfectly, Enjoy!!
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Jan 2, 2017
Pls bro is this really working cuz the last one I tried will stop after the social plan has finish


Active Member
Jul 14, 2018
Abeg someone should recommend a less data consuming streaming apk for live match to me. Imagine only Liverpool Vs
Chelsea consumed 2.39GB


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