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Cracked MTN Unlimited Free Browsing With Spark Vpn (July 2018 LTN HAC$)


LTN App Developer {NG}
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Support Team
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Dec 15, 2016
Xup Famz, as the topic title says it all already this is another free unlimited browsing on mtn we unleashed and one of it kind this year. We have have receiving a lot of mails, messages from LTN members to at least have a tweak on MTN this year.
Then I stand to congratulate all LTN community and those who are yet and about to join us. It wasn't easy exploting our isp loophole and among all especially MTN because it has been quite a while we have exploited their loophole. But I think we were able to write it of today because of this tweak we are about to unleashed right in this thread.

However this mtn tweak were firsly released on our Telegram chat group and if you haven't join us then what are you still waiting for? COMMON join us right here
Telegram: Contact @ltnchannel[/B][/COLOR]

emoji_point_rightDownload MTNTWEAK(LTN) svc config file right through the link belowemoji_point_down
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(1 WEEK Config File)

Now after all the above config and apk file are downloaded and installed then the only thing remain for you is to import the svc config file on spark vpn.

How Do I Import My SVC config file?
Yeap we got your back by following the steps we illustrated below with screenshot.

✓Launch your spark vpn apk, then at the menu, look for (TWEAK) then click on as illustrated in the screenshot below.
View attachment 973

✓Now, look for the svc config you downloaded on our telegram group, select and import it.
View attachment 974

If the config was successfully imported then your spark vpn home menu should display our notice about the config file. All you need to do now is to click on the connect button, wait for some sec for it to establish the connection then you're good to go. Voila, ces finis.

View attachment 975

Then for more download and streaming, here are some screenshot;
Streaming Youtube
View attachment 976

Downloading file
View attachment 977

Warning And Note To Be Taken For Bloggers.
So this Glo Tweaks was initially made public for all users because it been a while we made our tweaks public. So please any blogger who wanna blog this again should kindly give LTN back the credit with a link to their article relating to this post.

If you insist and go ahead and didn't do the needful then we pray that one day your idea and what you work for shall be taken from you without further consent from you like you did to us.


So don't forget to like this thread, comment if it is working perfectly for you. And relate any glitches with us and we will be glad to help you outemoji_thumbsup.

Remember some sim are capped and that's for new sim, and we are also working on bypassing that bug and make it enjoyable for all.

Stay tune to LTN Home For Tweak and Techy Stuff...

Join our telegram group chat @
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Our upcoming tweak shall be on Airtel By God Grace................


Well-Known Member
Jul 19, 2017
This is Ltn,where free tweaks be like #10 biscuit:)laughing:)if it is not from ltn it ain't free browsing.

More sugar cane to ur mouth bro Jams


New Member
Sep 16, 2017
Jams & co thank u so much for dis... We really appreciate u 4 dis, kudos to u all but u've nt yet ans me @Jams 4 d stuff i asked u on our private pm


Jul 11, 2018
Your efforts is really appreciated
You set a goal and have accomplished it, that is really commendable.
Hope more tweaking will be done to improve on the speed
Once again, thank you all. You're the best

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