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LEGIT Latest Legit Way To Make Money Online With Rasksterly


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Dec 15, 2016
Xup everyone, it been a while have posted on the forum due to some project am currently working on. So I want to use this medium to share with you guys this latest and confirmed/legit online money making platform.

I have heard about this platform called
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from my colleagues and have been quite sceptical about it. But what made me have a change of mind was simply because of @Aluko and he has been consistently earning on the platform with no issue.

But before changes, I did make sure that my hypothesis was right by checking their root and source of income.

Racksterly claims to be an advertising middle man website that connects the big brand company to valid facebook users in other to advertise there brand and product on the facebook account. (And I have confirmed that myself by going through their ad)

Just like Google Adsense for bloggers with a website but with backstory style you don’t need anything but just a facebook account.

With there flat calculation.
Anybody with a facebook account can make at least $36 per month or $168 per month.

Doing nothing but just sharing one brad or company advert per day.

Unlike others they don’t care about you can refer a friend or not you get paid monthly but on the other side, they charge a monthly subscription.

Since they pay in dollar to meet the worldwide standard they charge subscriptions too in dollar from $18/ 30days to $75/30 days.


>>Pay $18 =N,879
Get Daily $1.2 = N432 per each post you share to your facebook timeline daily.
N432 * 30 = N12,960 For a whole month.

>>Pay $25 =N9,296
Get Daily $1,8 = N648 per each post you share to your facebook timeline daily.
N648* 30 = N19,440 For a whole month.

>>Pay $45 =N16,732
Get Daily $3.5 = N1,260 per each post you share to your facebook timeline daily.
N1,260 * 30 = N37,800 For a whole month.

>>Pay $75 =N27,887
Get Daily $5.6 = N2,106 per each post you share to your facebook timeline daily.
N2,106 * 30 = N60,480 For a whole month.

And the most interesting of it is that they have referral program where you can refer your friends and family into the program and remember referral is not necessary you will still earn without a referral but if you're the type to boost your earnings then you're welcome to invite others into this marvellous program

Their withdrawal is monthly, supposed you subscribed to one of their packages today, you will be able to withdraw next month on the same date you sub to their package.

So have changed of mind? and you can decide to try from the small package which is DEW to testified it yourself before going for the higher package.

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Please do make sure you use your real facebook account that matches the name you use to sign up on racksterly, (meaning use your real name and details).
And feel free to ask any question here regarding to this program and I will be very glad to assist you.

Lastly here are some proved!!
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Aluko Earnings:

I just started mine so I will be updating this thread with more proof in the upcoming Update.
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