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Cracked Latest Glo Tricks To Browse Unlimited With Anonytun Beta


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Dec 15, 2016
Xup guys, here is finally a good news for all Teams for our newly cracked free browsing with Glo network. Though have really spend a lot of time working on this cheat and we all are aware of the new policy adopted by Glo recently which has to do with data and airtime= connection coming up.

Have really devoted a lot of time on it so also Teams cracker group for their supportive hand. And I know you must be wondering how possible can this work, well the truth is that it is working perfectly though has some disadvantage attach to it.

So now let's head you to the procedure of browsing unlimitedly with your Glo sim.

() Download ANONYTUN Beta here
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() Load N50 Card or any other affordable amount
() Patience

Apn (Access Point Name)
Change your apn to either glofast or glospeed.

How To Browse Unlimited With Your Glo Back

>>So firstly load N50 card or any other amount, then use on your glo network and quickly visit image.glo.com

>>So after doing this, you will see something on their portal page like susbsdibe to image daily which cost N20 and click on it to subscribe to it. Your card will be automatically be deducted. So after doing this, you should be left with N29 because the N1 you use to browse through glo homepage. So after doing this, quickly off you internet conncetion.
View attachment 306

>>So here we will apply the tricks.
Launch your anonytun vpn and use the following configuration in setting it up:
>>Connection Protocol=> HTTP
>>Connection Port=> 80
View attachment 303

>>Now click on (EDITAR PAYLOAD) and use the following configuration for it.
>>Url/Host= leave a space before pasting the host in the payload.

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=>Request Method=> CONNECT
=>Extra Headers
Tick Online Host, Forward host, and Keep alive.
View attachment 304

>>Now hit the Generate Button and save your payload.
View attachment 302

So after doing this, on your Glo network back and connect your anonytun immediately you on your internet connection. Now start browsing for free of charge unlimitedly.
View attachment 305

Remember, the Glo image subscription you did is only meant to last for a day(24h) so you can renew it when expire to continue surfing unlimitedly.

Precautions To Be Taken
Whenever you make use of 1mb/2mb it will off your data, just don't panic quickly pause whatever file you're downloading or either page, so it on itself back either manually or automatically quickly make sure you get your anonytun connected to avoid your credit balance from being deducted. And I will highly recommend you to either freeze or disable your WhatsApp, YouTube, or any other social media form when using it because whenever you data comes back, WhatsApp messages that's coming usually attract your airtime balance before you get your anonytun to be connected but you can still make use of it anyway but not recommended.

View attachment 305
So, you can check your airtime and it won't be deducted

Don't forget to like, share and comment if this works perfectly for you. And feel free to drop your complaint as it will be attended to.
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Sep 3, 2017
not yet an established oh :sob: but will surely get myself a badge soon. Kudos @Jams and Teams Cracker I always knew you guys will come up with something. You guys are too much oh.. [ooooo]


New Member
Jul 5, 2017
So wats d point of posting... U know fully well going from member to established is not possible ryt now... If u dont want to share cheats let us know. Instead of giving impossible condition... U v done great overtime but this is just unnecessary


Active Member
Jun 25, 2017
nice work @ jams........... but 2 become established member is not and easy ooo....... cox am beginer


New Member
Sep 16, 2017
This policy is not bad but reduce it, d restrictions are too much

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