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How To Earn Up To N5000 Airtime or Cash On Voices Africa On Referral Program

Ncg Media

Nov 27, 2018

Nowadays, we see a lot of survey programs online but all are mainly from other countries which always have some restrictions on it. But today, a new survey program called VoicesAfrica has come to make a difference with its amazing survey and referral program.

In these Article I will show how to earn up to 5000naira and more from VoiceAfrica referral program.

What Is VoicesAfrica
VoicesAfrica is a survey program that’s designed for people who will like to share their honest opinions, ideas, and personal preferences by participating in surveys. It also also allows you to refer your friends to the program and earn also (Earn Up To N5000 On Voices Africa).

How does VoicesAfrica Works?
VoicesAfrica pays $1 which is 361 naira in Nigeria currency every 1,000 points you earn. Isn’t that awesome? Yea, it should be.

When you refer someone to the app, you earn 50 points. You know what, you can also participate in survey programs and get paid.

For first starter, if you use my referrals link below to register, you will get FREE 500 points instantly.

You can withdraw your cash as airtime or as cash to your bank account.

How Can I Register On Voices Africa
- Kindly Follow this
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on Voices Africa.

- Then Fill in your details appropriate ranging from first and last name, email, phone number and other details then tap on Sig up.

- A confirmation Email will be send to your mailbox, Visit your mailbox and Make Confirmation of your Email.

- After that log-in to Voices Africa and you will be given free 500 points instantly, if only you used my referral link.

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How To Withdraw On VoicesAfrica

When you have accumulated the minimum of 1,000 points which is 361 naira, or even more.
Kindly tap on “REDEEM POINTS” and fill your email, number and finally withdraw it as cash to your bank account or as airtime.

How To Copy Your Referrals Link On VoicesAfrica
Simply tap on “invite a friend” A link will be redirect to you view a box or you can also enter another email you have so that the link will be sent to the mail, Then you can go there and copy the link and share with your Friends to earn your Rewards.

You can also download thier official mobile app to your android device to make it easier for you to partcipate in the program.

VoicesAfrica App -
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Is VoicesAfrica Legit
User privacy is very important to Voices Africa, and there security protocol is very good. Any survey responses you submit will be passed onto their client anonymously. They also take good care of your personal details, and won’t share your email address or contact information with any other company.

As a panel member of VoicesAfrica, you get to be rewarded for voicing your thoughts and taking online surveys for money is a legitimate way to make extra cash.

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