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How To Earn N300 And Up To 10k From Palmpay App

Ncg Media

Nov 27, 2018

Have you wondered how you can make money by doing what you always do on a daily basis? Do you know there are many people who get paid for spending a part of their money on things that matter?

If no, then I’m here to tell you that you can make money from PalmPay by earning cashback on all your Airtime purchase, Bills pay, bundle and Mobile Money transactions with PalmPay App. Yeah, you heard it right. This post will show you can earn 300 Naira & Up To 10K From PalmPay App.

What Is Palmpay?
PalmPay is the money app that rewards you! The simple and secure app for sending cash quickly between friends and paying for airtime, utilities and more in Nigeria and Ghana, Earn PalmPoints as you spend and use them to discount your transactions!

How To Earn 300 Naira & Up To 10K From PalmPay App
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on palmpay to get your first point for free Airtime top up.

2~ Sign up with your details(mobile phone number, etc) Input the captcha code and request for the verification code, input it once received and sign up.

3~ Proceed to
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4~ Then sign in with your registered phone number.

4~ Now Top up your mobile phone with Airtime of N100, your bonus will be used to pay for half of the airtime cost, so instead of you paying N100, you will pay N50 for N100 airtime click on Top up Airtime

6~ Then select N100, then provide your banking details and proceed, your bank will send you OTP to complete the transaction.

7~ Now To Accumulate more money and earn up to 10k weekly, you will need to copy your invitation link and share it with your friends, for every successful sign up through your link you will earn N300.

Screenshots Of My PalmPay Earnings

How To Get Your Referral/Invite Code
In Order To Invite Friends On PalmPay App Go to your Menu, you would see Transaction history, Profile, Contacts and more. Click on Invitation to see your invitation code in form QR code, URL and code.

Don’t forget to use the invite code: F73C9K Copy and past the referral code into the invitation/referrals filed during registrations! If you don’t use the referral code: F73C9K don’t complain because you will not be given the N300 bonus.

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