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Get Rid of unwanted Redirects


Jan 12, 2018
I haven't posted in a while because its been a busy year. Although ive been catching up with what has been happening with loyalteams, with the redesign and awesome changes made.

Are you tired of sites redirects and annoying captchas on some downloading sites like tvshows4mobile.com and other sites?
Well, you can get rid of them by turning off javascript on those sites.

How To. :

1. Open chrome
2. Click on the three dots
3. Go to settings.
4. Click on site settings
5. Locate javascript.
6. Click on add exception.
7. Add the site that you dont want the redirects.
Like "tvshows4mobile.com" or "toxicwap.com" or any other site.
8. Close.
And viola. Those useless redirects are gone.

Note: dont ever turn off the whole javascript. As it will cause some sites to not display

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