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New Member
Nov 16, 2019
ClovBank is a full functional online banking PHP script, developed with latest version of PHP, it is web based online payments/banking application and can be accessible for anyone on the web.

ClovBank is online banking system, whereby members can transfer funds from one member to another, fund their account through local banks, receive money from other members and also make other payments if the solution is accepted.

If your looking for online banking script, look no further! ClovBank is a good internet banking system you can download and customize.

This script has strong PHP maximum security, on all the levels, E.g User dashboard, Registration, Account Login, User main pages etc. Password is fully Encrypted, and much more instruction on how to use this script for any sever is included.

Follow this link to download this script:
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ClovBank Admin Functionality:

  1. Admin can suspend/Re-activate User account
  2. Admin can Pause/Recall User Account
  3. Admin have full access to member account funding
  4. admin gives COT, TAX, ATC,MFC code to user.
  5. Admin can delete user account
  6. Admin provide Credit Card for each user
  7. Admin can customize the full site details from admin panel
  8. Admin Fund User Account
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ClovBank User Functionality:

  1. User can create account
  2. User can retrieve lost password
  3. User can transfer fund once they have up to $50 Balance
  4. User get OTP code while admin provide the rest of the codes
  5. User can Update their account setting
  6. User get Login notification and sms alert
  7. User can
  8. Admin Fund User Account
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ClovBank Admin Login

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Password: contact us for access

Users Account Login:
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UserID: Debra12

Account Password: 1234

Account Pin: 4321

Valid Account Number for Transfer Process: 1498913583

Transfer Codes:
User ID: 33
User Fullname: Debra Capps
COT: COT862357
TAX: TAX865372
ATC: ATC263875
MFC: MFC257683

The project’s primary goals consist of

  • A robust and effective web based online banking system
  • Extending functionality without compromising the security.
  • Personal banking services that gives you complete control over all your banking demands online.
  • Simple and easy user interface to work with.
Online Banking features:
  • Adding Beneficiary account by customer.
  • Transferring amount to the beneficiary added by customer.
  • Staff must approve for beneficiary activation before it can be used for transferring funds.
  • Customer gets to know his last login date and time each time he logs in.
  • Customer can check last 10 transactions made with their account.
  • Customer can check their account statement within a date range.
  • Customer can request for ATM and Cheque Book.
  • Staff will approve requests for ATM card and cheque book.
  • Admin can add/edit/delete customer as well as staff.
  • All three of them (customer, staff & admin) can change their password.
  • Staff and Admin Login pages are hidden from customer for security purpose.

Each and every input is passed through mysql_real_escape_string() to remove special characters from the string so that user can’t submit arbitrary input. It protects from attacks like Sql Injection and Cross Site Scripting(XSS). Passwords are encrypted with SHA- 1 hashing algorithm and then stored in database.

Passwords are stored as encrypted hashes with an additional random salt for added security.

Note: If we talk about security, above mentioned points would provide no security at all but it will work for beginners. Being into web app pentesting,I very well know this project will not be considered secure. It needs atleast a more effective filtering mechanism, better hashing algorithm, a better salting procedure for storing passwords and some other things too.

  • The database contains customer, staff & admin tables.
  • Each customer has its own virtual passbook linked with its account number.
  • Staff, customer and, admin have their details and password in their respective tables with all the details.
  • A separate table for beneficiary is included in the database.
  • A table for cheque book and ATM requests is included.
  • This project is divided into three hierarchical parts:
  • The index page for the customer login.
  • A hidden staff login page.
  • A hidden admin login page.
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