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How To Get 7GB For N1000 On 9mobile And Power it With Http Injector

How To Get 7GB For N1000 On 9mobile And Power it With Http Injector 2019-07-26

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How to get 7GB worth of youtube night data and power it with http injector
Xup to the great members of LTN and to all the guest members watching this thread currently.

Like I said we all have been working lately to make sure our members are provided with exploits in terms of free internet and the likes.

Although have said it before, we will be unleashing some exploit publicly while most of our exploit will be made accessible only by premium LTeam members.

So without wasting so much of our time, so let's get straight to what this thread is all about. As the topic title says it all already. So this is actually the youtube night plan on 9mobile network we have been working on this week and we're very glad it came out successfully.

  • 9mobile sim (new or old sim)
  • And Http Injector (if you don't have it, then download the latest version on play store)

How to activate 9 mobile 7gb
>>To get the 7GB free data you have to purchase 1GB of data via *200*3*1# + the 1GB making 8GB in total.

There's a probability of you buying the data then it will be a share plan as the screenshot below illustrate it.

>>Remember share plan data doesn't have youtube freebies, so all you have to do is to contact 9mobile support (i.e their customer care) for them to reverse the payment and migrate you to the normal plan. After it is successful, then go ahead and buy another data with the reverse airtime. Then this should now work perfectly.

The 7GB free data can only be used from the time of 12 AM – 5 AM (i.e 500MB each night.
Now let's do the calculation,
500 * 14 days = 7GB
So you will be able to use it for 2weeks consecutively.

But from our observations to not yet confirmed, this data is valid for the same time that the 1GB or more data will last. So, give or take, the validity is a month. What do you have to say about this new offer from 9mobile?

So Now let's get to powering part with Http Injector:), the config file is the resources, so make sure you download it and import it inside your Http injector and voila you're connected to the internet.

SO THE CONFIGURATION IS MADE AVAILABLE FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS AT THE MOMENT. Maybe there will be a reconsideration for free members.

So enjoy guys, more freenet exploit coming soon, unlimited is the target by God grace.

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