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9mobile Free Browsing Cheat For July 2019 With Http Injector

9mobile Free Browsing Cheat For July 2019 With Http Injector 2019-07-22

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Free Browsing Tweaks
9mobile Free Browsing Cheat For July 2019 With Http Injector
Xup everyone, like we promise you guys there's gonna be a free net that will be unleashed soon on our telegram group. So I am very glad to use this medium to in order to voice out the 9mobile network exploits
we've been working on some weeks ago. I trust me it cost us a lot in terms of money and resources being used to make these exploits.

So without further ado, this 9mobile tweak can be regarded as the next king to mtn mpulse but has higher GB of the user that it is 2.2GB of usage monthly. The exploit won't be out for free and the same
goes to our upcoming exploits we're currently working i.e (mtn AND CO). In order to pay for our service and the server to which this forum was hosted and other regular reoccurring fees.

Even if this exploit was made available for free, people really won't value it as they did to the old free net that we made in the past including bloggers contributing to the whole mess.

Without redirecting the cause of this thread, this free browsing will be made available to users who have upgraded using our user upgrade system as everything is automated.

Simply because you can't only download this resources (our exploit) without upgrading yourself to the premium package on this forum.

You will subscribe to a small package and use 2.2GB using our config file monthly and can be done multiple times.

What's The Payment Gateway
  • Paypal
  • bank transfer
For payment and upgrade visit this page;
Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!

as the payment gateway. The first payment gateway is automated, immediately your payment is made it will upgrade you directly and then you can be able to download our exploit instruction
in order to use this free browsing. As for the last one which has to do with bank transfer, you will have to provide us with your payment proof by uploading it on this thread, upon reviewal, your
username will be upgraded after the confirmation.

Remember this is an account upgrade on the forum, the meaning is that as long as your premium hasn't expired, then you can still be able to download some of our premium resources made available on this forum. So the package available now is 3 months expiry (cost N1500) only, and more package is yet to be introduced as we're working hard to make sure more exploits are available.

  • You can deduce from your user title icon as illustrated in the image below

  • Or you can simply check it on your account profile by clicking on the (Account upgrades).

After the upgrade, come back to this thread, like and download the resources which is in form of txt file.

>Your 9mobile sim either new or old sim (but new sim mostly at advantage)
>You will also need small fees to activate the package, not disclose here but inside the txt archive file
>Download the latest Http Injector Apps.

>>After that, open the txt file and read the instruction inside it and you're good to go. And the configuration will be sent to you via notice all automated.

And remember, we will still be sharing some exploit openly maybe some established users in the forum or if condition warrants it, all users.

So enjoy guys, feedback of this recent development and your insight:D
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